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At Blooming Impressions, we believe each person is uniquely created. We believe each person’s hair, skin, voice and personality is just like their fingerprint - there are no two that are exactly alike. Our team of professional advisors are committed to encouraging each program participant to love and embrace their individual uniqueness. Our advisors have years of wisdom and skill in their areas of expertise. Their dedication and commitment will ensure we provide a great learning environment for our participants.

Blooming Impressions’ mission is to cultivate the physical and intellectual attributes of its male and female participants.



The lotus is known to be associated with purity, spiritual awakening and faithfulness. The flower is considered pure as it is able to emerge from murky waters in the morning and be perfectly clean. Blooming Impressions’ logo was masterfully designed with the illustration of a lotus. The illustration is used to symbolize the physical and intellectual beauty that emerges in each individual while participating in, and after completing our

transformative 8 week program.


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